Cloud & Office 365 Service

Enter the world of Cloud’s which brings mobility and flexibility to your business. Scale your technology usage and increase as and when required with Cloud services. Mercury Net provides you expertise to access services such as servers, database, storage, networking, and security.

  1. Cost Effective with Pay for the resource you use
  2. Easy Data Recovery
  3. Fast Access as the distance is not an issue


Office 365

Do you have to empty up your Email Inbox? Or You cannot go outside because you cannot access your Documen

Don’t worry Mercury Net can help you unchain your business with Microsoft Office 365 Service with which you can work from anywhere anytime. Unfold limitless possibilities with apps like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, OneDrive and many more.

Mercury Net Cloud Office 365 Services West Auckland

What if I have a slow PC? Don’t worry with Web App services you don’t need to Install any software. You only need a browser and the Internet, and you are all set to use the above Microsoft Services online without any issue. So, join the world of Office 365 and collaborate with your team and reach your customers without any worry about storage.

Eco Tech

Mercury Net Eco Tech West Auckland.jpg

At Mercury Net we are committed to bettering our environment and our communities to reduce carbon emission and join the Go Green mission.

Our team can come and collect any unused or unwanted tech equipment and ensure it gets either recycled or is donated to schools or community centers that can make better use of it and not ending up in Landfill.

Please contact Mercury Net at or on 09 222 4707 to learn more about our services.