Cyber Security

Do I really need to worry about Cyber Security?

Cyber security protects all your IT systems — including computers, servers, mobile devices, electronic systems, programs, networks — from external and internet thefts or damage to their hardware, software, or electronic data.Without up-to-date cyber security in place, it isn’t a matter of IF but more like how soon and how much damage your security will be compromised along with the impact on your business.

Pyramid of Cyber Security – The best cyber security practices focus on people, processes, and technology.

  1. Password Management & 2Factor Authentication – The easiest way to protect your business valuables online is to have a password management system in place including 2Factor authentication.
  2. Networking – Networking is the process of creating and using computer networks in harmony with hardware, protocols and software, including wired and wireless technology
  3. Anti-virus & Anti-malware – Zero Day threats are a major concern for today’s business so protecting yourself online involves protecting both software and hardware.
  4. Cyber Security Audit – All Businesses are going digital which increases their Technology footprint plus their risk of being targeted in cyberattacks. Increased network complexity and digital innovation, create new network gaps for cyber bullies to exploit. If left unchecked, these risks can undermine
Mercury Net Cyber Security West Auckland
Mercury Net Cyber Security West Auckland.

So please ask yourself and your team “Have I kept up with the changes”?

  1. Cyber Threats Keep Evolving
  2. Many Employees work from home now
  3. Updated Cyber Security standards set by the Government
  4. Higher Cost of recovering from an attack vs preventing one

Necessary Benefit To Your Business – Mercury Net IT security audit reveals underlying vulnerabilities and security risks in your organisation’s IT assets. Identifying risks, however, has a positive rippling effect on your organisation’s overall security.

Some significant benefits of IT security audits are

  1. Discover your Weak Spots
  2. In-Depth Analysis delivery of Internal and External Security Practices
  3. Find out whether you must enhance your security posture or not
  4. Increased technology and performance without any disruptions due to malware or Ransome attacks.
  5. Leverage Technology in Business.
Security Consultancy and Awareness Training

All staff must be aware of information security threats and the common and current methods used to trick people into performing an action that may have disastrous consequences. We will work with you to develop a Security Training and Awareness programme that will:

  1. Ensure staff can identify and report potential or actual information security incidents.
  2. Identify key staff that require specific training.
  3. Define information security responsibilities for all staff.
  4. Keep staff up to date on common and current threats, such as ongoing phishing attempts and scams.
  5. Conduct regular phishing campaigns against staff to ensure the Security Training and Awareness Programme is successful
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